By Ryan Duffy, Communications Fellow

We are thrilled to have Zipcar as part of our sponsoring partner community.

Clearly, they care about sustainability and have a commitment to “More Green Buildings!”

Zipcar is the nation's largest car-sharing service and it is an easier, faster, and more efficient alternative to car rental or ownshership. It is present at hundreds of university campuses across the United States and used by hundreds of businesses due to its low-cost and convenience.  Zipcar members have over 10,000 cars to choose from nationwide, and this pool is still rapidly increasing. 

Zipcar envisions a future where car-sharing members outnumber car owners in major cities around the globe. Most residents of these cities will live within a five-to-ten-minute walk of a self-service Zipcar. Zipcar will be an integral part of these vibrant communities of well-informed, connected people who enjoy urban life and transportation options.

Zipcar will deliver on-demand mobility while leaving a small footprint on the environment—providing a great timesaving service that frees up space in our cities and puts more money in consumers’ wallets. Their leading brand will be synonymous with fun, honesty, clever innovation, and social good. Car-sharing strategies will be a requisite part of the planning for all college campuses, urban, residential, and commercial developments, and city planning agencies.

No matter where you are in Greater Boston, Zipcar has got you covered!


Read more about Zipcar in our blog, and check out their blog, Ziptopia

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