We're always incredibly proud of those we partner with, especially when we can see tangible proof of their devotion to sustainability. ReVision Energy recently released their stats from 2016, showcasing how much they did last year and the impact their efforts made.

Here's a rundown of some of the stats that really stood out:

  • 668 solar project installed, translating to 8 megawatts of solar energy
  • 2016's installations will result in 10,160,000 kilowatt of clean, renewable energy, every year, for 25+ years. That's a LOT of energy.
    • Because of this, 16,531 barrels of oil and 7,619,277 pounds of coal were offset; 6,759 acres of forest and 185,047 tree seedlings grown for 10 years were restored.
  • They designed an orchard, a brewery, 9 schools, 1 coffee shop, 5 battery systems, 22 electric car charging stations, and even 1 veterinary office. 


They also recently introduced a 100% Solar Household (image to the right) that will help individuals transition completely from fossil fuels to 100% clean solar energy.

If you have time, we totally recommend you learn more about ReVision and attend some of their events.

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