Scavenger Hunt Results

18 teams ended two weeks of fun and learning in our Scavenger Hunt on April 28th. There were 455 mission submissions in total, 5 teams completed all 7 daily missions, and 4 teams completed all 60+ missions!

This shattered our expectations and created a 4 way tie. The BE+ Staff sat down and evaluated the submission quality across each mission per team in order to pick the winning team. Team Ecopod took the title of Top Team, which is an amazing feat considering they started a few days behind the pack, and then made a significant push on the last day to complete all of the missions!

A big thank you to all the teams for bringing such energy, dedication, and creativity to their submissions. We had a blast and at our Celebration Event on April 29th we recognized their efforts with some awards and prizes too!

Congratulations to the winners!

Top Team: Team Ecopod

BE+ Staff Favorite: Drawdowners

Coolest Kid On The Block: Parker – Drydock Drafters

Top Submission: The Navigators

Crowd Favorite: Drawdowners

The Role Model: KLA Sustainaballers


Top Individual: Tom Jin

R.W. Kern Center: Team Ecopod

Lone Star: Sustainability Splunkers

Ready. Set. Have a Blast.

A 2 Week Virtual Scavenger Hunt.

Join from Anywhere on the Globe.

 ???? Kickoff Event: Wednesday, April 14th from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM – Recording Below

???? Scavenger Hunt Live in goosechase app: 8:00am April 14th to 4:00pm April 28th

???? Celebration Event: Thursday, April 29th from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM

There are 50+ Missions to take on! Here is a sneak peek at a few of them:


Upload a picture of yourself or another member of your household doing a math problem next to an electric car plugged into a charging station.

Reduce Reuse Recycle

Upload a picture of yourself or another member of your household outdoors next to an item made of recycled / salvaged materials.


Upload a video of yourself or another member of your household performing an inspired version of the classic “It’s alive!” scene from the movie Frankenstein in front of a Living Building. Minimum video length: 15 seconds

Everybody Everywhere, Everybody Do Your Share

Clean up a park or any public space of your choosing and upload a picture of yourself or another member of your household holding full trash bags after the clean up.

Scream, Shout, and Take the Compost Out

Join the R.W. Kern Center in making your passion for composting toilets known!

Upload a video of yourself or another member of your household yelling “I love composting toilets” in front of a building with composting toilets. Then whisper the address or name of the building.

Bring on spring ???? and get fired up ???? for some safe & friendly competition!  Team up and start exploring sustainable practices in your neighborhood. ???????? Complete as many missions as you can for the chance to win prizes and awards! ????

Built Environment Plus is bringing the community together and celebrating the arrival of spring with a fun competition to get people out and about safely with your bubble. A digital Scavenger Hunt powered by goosechase* will allow teams of 4, or larger for families, to complete a series of photo, video, and text based missions to gain points within a two week period. The game is self paced, with the exception of 7 missions that are aligned with days of the week, like Transit Thursday! Complete as many missions from the list as you can. The team with the most points at the end wins. You do not need to complete all missions to win. In the case of a tie, the quality of submissions will be judged to determine the winner.

The hunt starts on April 14th with a Kickoff Event that evening. Registration and team creation will be live throughout the duration of the two week runtime, so you can join in at anytime. At conclusion, we will come together for a celebration event the evening of April 29th to congratulate the winner of the Scavenger Hunt and give out some prizes. There may even be some awards for the best submissions… ????


Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Find teammates (or go alone and we can help you pair up later)
  2. Register for access as an individual or a team
  3. Download the Goosechase app
  4. Create an account on Goosechase
  5. Sign into the BE+ game with access codes provided after registration
  6. Create your team or find one to join
  7. You are ready to start! ????
  8. April 14th, 8am: game goes live in Goosechase
  9. April 14th, 5pm: Kickoff event to learn more and share in the excitement (Zoom Link)
  10. Complete as many missions as you can by 4pm on April 28th
  11. April 29th, 5pm: Celebrate the winners! ???? (Zoom Link)

*Please note that at least 1 player on your team needs a smartphone in order to play. Download the app here.

???? First Place Prize

$200 for the Team + 1 Year of Membership per participant + 1 Free Event per participant


???? COVID Protocol

All missions in the scavenger hunt are designed to be completed in accordance with COVID-19 safety guidelines. All missions can either be completed outdoors or inside your household. All outdoor missions must be completed with a mask covering both nose and mouth while observing social distancing. Failure to do so will result in point penalties.

Built Environment Plus assumes no responsibility for any illnesses contracted or injuries suffered by participants.


???? Teamwork

A wise woman once said: “teamwork makes the dreamwork”. In the BE+ Sustainability Scavenger Hunt, teamwork and communication will be key. Below are some teamwork tips and information:

  • Teams are limited to 4 Adults 18yrs or older, children not limited. Teams sizes of 1 to 3 are allowed.
  • Team prizes will be awarded to each team member.
  • Teams do not need to meet in person, though they will need to decide on some form of remote communication. We strongly encourage you to avoid email and instead use instant messaging platforms.
  • You will have 3 options for deciding your teammates:
    1. Join a team created by another player through the goosechase app.
    2. Create a team for others to join through the goosechase app.
    3. Request a team assignment from a BE+ administrator.
  • Missions can only be completed once per team. Missions will disappear from the to-do list for the entire team after one member of the team completes it.
  • Teams will receive the same number of points per mission, regardless of how many teammates involved.
  • After the mission list is published, draft a rough plan with your team of which missions will be completed by whom.
  • Update your team when you complete a mission to avoid repeating missions.

???? Ready to Join In?!

You can register and join in as an individual or as a group. We encourage people to form teams before signing up so that you already have a means of communicating. We imagine this will be a hit with you and your family, and so the only limit to team size is a maximum of 4 individuals age 18 years or older. There does need to be at least 1 adult 18 years or older in the team.

If you want to help in the success of this event by sponsoring, team entries are included in some of the tiers listed below under Sponsorship Opportunities. Have a group setup that doesn’t fit the mold? Contact us and we can approve case by case. 

We know that students, at all levels, do appreciate some financial support to join in. So, we are making team scholarships available via the form below . Find some friends and make your case.

General admission is $25 per person, or you can purchase a Team Ticket for $100 for 4 adults. Opting for the $50 Advocate, $70 Hero, and $200 Super Team Tickets include a much appreciated donation to Built Environment Plus to keep this community thriving.

Tickets & Admission

Team Scholarship Form: Don't let cost keep you from participating. Scholarships for our events and trainings are provided by our friends at the R.W. Kern Center. Apply for free admission.

7 + 7 =


Sponsorship Opportunities

If you would like to sponsor, simply e-mail Meredith Elbaum at or call the remote office line directly at 617-752-2422.