Join the leadership of change! Join Barbra Batshalom and the other warriors of sustainability. Re-arm your charge with Barbra's trade secrets and wisdom from her career of leadership in the sector.

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Thursday, January 19th, 2017
50 Milk St, 18th Floor
Homer Room
Boston, MA, 02109

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Despite lots of noise, integrative design is still a myth in most firms. Part of the blind-spot is that we keep looking at design process in the context of the project only, and not the organization – it’s culture, structure, systems, and tools. What are the firm’s expectations? How effective is accountability? Does the commitment to sustainability manifest in all aspects of the firm?

For firms pursuing the AIA 2030 Commitment, your project delivery methodology can make or break success. How does a team measure its effectiveness? Does good collaboration yield better results? Is IP more than a kick-off charrette and “one-hit wonder”? Can IP be achieved in individual project teams if the overall firm culture and methodology isn’t aligned with it?

USGBC’s LEED program now recognizes the importance of integrated process with the new v4 IP credit, so more teams are paying attention to this, but will a LEED credit (again) cause more hoop-jumping without actually providing more value? 70% of a project's performance and impacts are decided in the first 10% of the process, so it's critical to get it right.

This workshop is a practical and applied look at how your firm can truly capture the value provided by institutionalizing IP – and getting the LEED credit follows naturally! Successfully implementing IP requires a clear, shared understanding of what integration means in your firm culture, how individuals in different roles participate and alignment with consultants around your project delivery objectives. Critical efforts happen beyond the project focus and require change management to help everyone feel comfortable.

This is a 100% interactive workshop where you will be guided through an exercise to deconstruct and remap your firm's process, identifying along the way what organizational triggers need to be addressed so that integrative design is actually the bedrock of project management and not an elusive miracle achieved only with the most progressive clients.

You will gain strategies to help you truly embed IP into daily project management practices and participants leave with practical, actionable steps that will help you implement qualitative changes in your project delivery methodology the next day.

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