By Ritchie Lafaille, Office Fellow

Today’s work environment can have a significant impact on the productivity and general well-being of the building’s users. Indoor air quality, life safety, appropriate lighting levels, and efficient HVAC systems are critical for ensuring these comforts. As such, workplace design, especially on the part of the MEP/FP Engineer, has become increasingly important. RDK has extensive experience in the design of core and shell office space, open workspace environments, tenant improvement projects, kitchen/cafeterias, conference centers, and training rooms, for a variety of client types. They understand the number of challenges that come with engineering these spaces. Balancing the needs of the tenant with the project’s financial realities; adhering to aggressive construction schedules; configuring the space to the specific needs of the client; and designing in compliance with the latest ASHRAE/NFPA standards, are tasks we address head on. Their approach to workplace design involves:

• Working closely with the client to fully understand their needs

• Ensuring that the design is integrated with the existing base building systems

• Integrating telecom/audio visual/electronic security systems and equipment

• Maximizing comfort while balancing the need for energy efficiencies

• Providing flexibility to accommodate changing tenant requirements as time passes


It is great to have knowledgeable allies like RDK Engineers as Chapter Sponsoring Partners, helping to ensure the achievement of more green buildings in Massachusetts, and beyond!

Read more about RDK on their website and our blog!

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