By Rachael Berry, Graphics Associate

     USGBCMA Chapter members gathered on the rooftop penthouse of one of Boston’s newest eco-friendly apartment complexes Tuesday evening for the Chapter’s Quarterly Gathering. While the rooftop of TROY Boston provided picturesque views of the city and a much-appreciated open bar, attendees convened with the intention learning about the building's sustainability features and USGBCMA’s mission to change the built environment for the better.

     TROY Boston, located in the South End, was developed by Chapter Sponsoring Partner Gerding Edlen, a west coast based developer. Committee members and newcomers were invited to celebrate the green building and learn about its LEED Gold Certified amenities. The complex attained its LEED Gold certification earlier this year, which was partially attributed to its ability to use 28% less energy than typical multi-family buildings of the same caliber.

     Project Team members, such as Mark Pignetelli from ICFI discussed the building’s incentive programs from Mass Save and detailed how the project was able to earn over 100,000 dollars from Eversource.  He was just one of several project members in attendance who highlighted the building’s environmentally friendly features which ultimately allow it to be the vibrant, inspiring and sustainable space that it is.

    With individual introductions involving “What Green Building means to you”, members were able to connect a communal passion for sustainability and kick-start the night’s events. USGBCMA and its respective committees were successful in hosting a picture-perfect event promoting networking opportunities as well as educating current and prospective members on the efforts of TROY Boston in creating a more sustainable future. Check out our event page to get involved in the next meeting and find out more about the organization.

Photos of the event can be found here.

Thank You to Gerding Edlen and TROY Boston for sponsoring the event, and to those who attended.

To find out about USGBCMA’s future events or to see how you can get involved, visit our website or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.



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