By Allison Maynard, Communications Associate

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October 2015


What a wonderful evening last Thursday, thank you to all who were able to make it out. We celebrated, as a community, our strength in numbers – in the buildings we've made, the performance they demonstrate, and the innovation in design that they manifest.

The gathering was a fabulous mix of people from different professional disciplines and levels of experience. We launched our new Mentoring program where we will match seasoned pros with emerging pros to help both sides – mentoring will work in both directions, esp. in regards to engaging with new technologies. Explore the program here.

There are times, when I'm up on Beacon Hill, when I wonder how I could find some good green building mentors for some of the politicians up there. Sometimes I can't believe the level of misunderstanding around sustainability and life-cycle costs going on. I also am often impressed at how well versed others of these public servants are – esp. our allies among the Global Warming Solutions Caucus. It almost looks like they are having fun as policy wonks. Please stay tuned as we turn up the heat on green building policy – esp. what we have brewing for the impending Stretch Code update.

Thank you to our many participants in the Green Apple Day of Service. Some of the programs are still yet to occur – we look forward to sharing more of the stories in the coming weeks. 

This month, among other things, we will have our Green Associate Training Course, a breakfast program on green building tax incentives, there is a building tour in Amherst, and we are co-sponsoring an energy conference at Northeastern. 

We convene people because we are fundamentally about community: helping people connect and enable our mission to come to fruition.

As I said at our Showcase, we can be proud of our work because we are implementing real change, positive change, for our communities, by ensuring the longest-lasting human artifacts, our buildings, are done the right way for the generations to come. 

Thank you for participating in this essential work.



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