By Alexander Landa

October 31st is the last day you will be able to register any projects under the LEED 2009 rating system. From there, only LEED v4 is the only rating system that will be available for new LEED projects. The USGBC national chapter has thoroughly explained everything you need to know to be prepared, as well as the next steps you can take to move forward with your designs. They outlined five major components:

1) You must register any existing or upcoming LEED projects by October 31st if you want to use this rating system. Otherwise, you will need to use v4 moving forward.

2) By visiting LEED Online, you can register a 2009 rating system project before 10/31. Pre-existing projects that are already registered should note additional deadlines regarding certifications here.

3) You can upgrade your LEED 2009 project to LEED v4 by going here.

4) Sunset for LEED 2009 rating systems is June 31, 2021.

5) There's no need to worry if you miss the 10/31 deadline for LEED 2009. Registration is open for v4 until the next version arrives.

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