By Grey Lee & Wenbin Wang

This note is from our graphic design intern, Wenbin Wang (in glasses below), who helped us with the marketing materials and especially the event program. She is a freshman at Tufts, studying mathematics. She is great with InDesign, though, too!

“Yesterday's event was so exciting and inspiring for me as someone who hasn't been exposed to abundant building technologies. It is interesting to see how firms from all kinds of industries, like real estate, construction, software engineering, and education, intersect and work together on buildings. I was amazed by the extensive implementation of cutting-edge technologies in every aspects of buildings, from lights to automatic control systems and the astonishing achievement of these technologies in saving energy. Also, I'm glad to see people actively involved in advocating for environmentally friendly and sustainable buildings and real estate firms pay serious attention to the sustainability of buildings.

Panelists' pitches also covered a lot of innovation and transformation happening in the industry and visualized a cheerful graph of our future smart and energy saving buildings. It's exhilarating to see robust development in building industry and people contributing to the progress. I wish people in the industry could have more chances like last night to share thoughts and work together to proceed the future with more green buildings.”


You bet, Wenbin! We certainly will be working to help more people connect with building tech. Thanks for all your help this semester!

[here's an image of the flyer she put together:]

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