By USGBCMA Communications, More Green Buildings!

We love hearing about all the Green Building that's going on! Here are some of the buildings that were LEED Certified in July.

Maybe we'll see some of these buildings at our Green Building Showcase this year!

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Aspuru-Guzik Laboratory (LEED Gold)

12 Oxford Street, Cambridge
LEED-CI v2009
Registered December 8, 2014; Certified July 28, 2016
63/110 Points (Gold)
4,664 square feet

Nichols College Academic Center ( LEED Gold)

Nichols' year old Academic Building
image source
124 Center Road, Dudley
LEED-NC v2009
Registered November 18, 2013; Certified July 27, 2016
61/110 Points (Gold)
29,339 square feet

New East Bridgewater Jr/Sr High School (LEED Silver)

image source
11 Plymouth Street, East Bridgewater
Registered November 22, 2010; Certified July 25, 2016
51/110 Points (Silver)
213,584 square feet

TripAdvisor Center 128 (LEED Silver)

image source
400 First Avenue, Needham
LEED-CS v2009
Registered August 13, 2013; Certified July 25, 2016
58/110 Points (Silver)
288,092 square feet

Western MA Regionial Women's Correctional Center (LEED Gold)

image source
701 Center Street, Chicopee
LEED-NC v2009
Registered June 10, 2011; Certified July 18, 2016
63/110 Points (Gold)
28,477 square feet

22 Federal Street (LEED Gold)

image source
22 Federal Street, Nantucket
LEED-NC v2009
Registered October 27, 2014; Certified July 14, 2016
60/110 Points (Gold)
5,597 square feet

265 Franklin Street (LEED Gold)

image source
265 Franklin Street, Boston
LEED-EB:OM v2009
Registered November 20, 2009; Certified July 12, 2016
65/110 Points (Gold)
368,061 square feet

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