By Steven Burke

Members of the local green building community should go to the Healthy Materials Summit in two weeks to become more informed of the transparency movement that is evolving so rapidly. Coming to this event will help individuals orient themselves in the transparency landscape and guide their organizations in the right direction through access to the best and most current knowledge of the design and construction process.

Contributing your time and enthusiasm will help to continue pushing the industry forward as we strategize on how to make materials transparency more universally accessible for both designers and building product manufacturers – both of whom will be attending this event at Google.

With expert panelists and hands-on workshops, we hope that people will leave this conference with a reinvigorated sense of purpose for and understanding of the materials transparency movement, and will feel as though they have made a direct contribution to advancing the conversation forward.

If your career, education, or passions in any way relate to green buildings or another environmentally-conscious industry, you owe it to yourself – and to your community – to attend the Healthy Materials Summit 2016 and to learn more about how everyone can make a difference. Whether you're designing a new building or taking another approach to helping our world, the process is the same – one building block at a time.


Healthy Materials Summit
October 26th, 2016
8:00AM – 8:00PM
Google Cambridge HQ
5 Cambridge Center
Cambridge, MA, 02142

Learn about our speakers:
Barbra Batshalom
Monica Nakielski
Brent Ehrlich
Gregory Norris

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Blake Jackson's Call To Action

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