By Grey Lee

Our latest member profile is of a transplant from Ohio who brings some expertise in Architecture and Sustainability.  He's also a part of our Membership Committee.  Meet Shawn Hesse!

USGBCMA: What is your current job and how does it differ from past jobs in Sustainability?

SH: I am an architect and sustainability consultant.  I lead the Boston office of emersionDESIGN.  At previous jobs I was one of the few individuals interested in sustainability.  However at emersionDESIGN, I am surrounded by people that share my passion and interest in making our work more sustainable.  There would constantly raise the bar for one another.

USGBCMA: When did you first become interested in Sustainability?

SH: My interest in sustainability is rooted in spending the entire summer outside while growing up, playing in the nearby woods, creeks and lakes in and around Cincinnati.  But my understanding that I have a role and responsibility to improve sustainability of our communities as an architect was developed at architecture school.

USGBCMA: Why are you a member of the MA chapter and how did you get there?

SH: I have been involved with the USGBC for almost 10 years now in Cincinnati, serving on the chapter board in several roles including board president.  I have also served on the USGBC Regional Committee representing Ohio as well as the Heartland Region and also at the national level.  I just recently moved to the Boston area and have begun to get involved here on the Membership Committee and also as a the facilitator for the Living Building Challenge Boston Collaborative.

USGBCMA: How are you an environmental steward?

SH: I have worked hard to turn my day job as an architect into my passion of making a sustainable future a reality.  I am also in the process of planning my wedding next June.  My fiancee and I are writing the “Living Wedding Challenge”- zero waste, carbon offset, public transit to the event, local food, etc.

USGBCMA: How do you help raise environmental awareness?

SH: I do a lot of public speaking about sustainability.

USGBCMA: If I needed to find you on a Saturday afternoon, where would it be?

SH: On any given Saturday, I could be out hiking, camping, at a beer tasting, escaping zombies or just at home restoring my 1960s radio.

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