By Grey Lee

USGBC MA EPMA Member Spotlight Jenna Dancewicz

Let's get to know Jenna who's another of our active EPMA members!

USGBC MA: What is your current job and how does it differ from past jobs in Sustainability?

JENNA: As an Assistant Project Manager at Suffolk Construction, I am currently working on the historic renovation of the Filene's Burnham building in Downtown Crossing. I contribute to the project in many ways including managing the financials, quality control, document control and workflow of several trades. Prior to working the construction industry, I attended Brown University. My current line of work relates more to sustainability and green buildings because my previous jobs included being a math tutor and coaching several elite ice hockey camps!

USGBC MA: When did you first become interested in Sustainability?

JENNA: When I started at Brown University, I was interested in majoring in engineering but I was unsure what track to pursue. I have always loved animals and had a dream to work with animals as a Vet; therefore, I pursued the bio-medical track. However, when I spoke with my adviser, he suggested that I try something different and take a class in Sustainability and Green Buildings. Thank goodness for that suggestion because that class made me fall in love with green buildings and steered me towards majoring in civil engineering. Buidings with sustainability in mind just made sense to me because green building is efficient, creates a healthier indoor environment and ultimately helps reduce our impact on the exterior environment! The engineer in me is always geared for efficiency and the athlete in me is always game for being healthy. It's a win-win! To this day, I am always trying to find out new information about how people are making buildings green and how I can be more sustainable.

USGBC MA: Why are you a member of the MA chapter and how did you get there?

JENNA: When I moved to Boston from the Chicagoland area, I joined EPMA group to find out more about Boston's sustainable initiatives and hoped to be a part of those initiatives! I am also curious to learn more about green buildings in the area and why they are green. I also wanted to build connections with people who had similar interests in Sustainability.

USGBC MA: How are you an environmental steward?

JENNA: At work I bring my own cup for water and coffee instead of using water bottles or paper cups. I take the T to work and usually walk or take the T everywhere in Boston unless I have to drive. I strive to reduce printing by looking at drawings and documents on my computer or iPad. Even though I live in an apartment and cannot change my appliances and light fixtures, all my lamps have energy efficient light bulbs. I hope someday, through sustainable actions, I can help the construction industry have less of an impact on the environment.

USGBC MA: How do you help raise environmental awareness?

JENNA: I am part of the Green Team at Suffolk Construction and we strive to promote environmental awareness within the company. I also hope that my actions at work and with friends will inspire others to be more green. If I see someone not recycling, I will call that person out. I am still learning about sustainable technologies, particularly relating to buildings, and hope I can use my knowledge to raise environmental awareness in the near future.

USGBC MA: If I needed to find you on a Saturday afternoon, where would it be?

JENNA: On nice saturday afternoon, I enjoy outdoor activities such as biking or kayaking. I also like to venture into Boston and walk around the city. A recent hobby of mine is photography and I enjoy taking photos with my DSLR camera. In the winter months, I may be out on the pond playing hockey!

By the looks of it, Jenna is a serious ice hockey player! You go girl!


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