By Grey Lee

Our First EPMA Member Spotlight

It's been a short while since we had a member spotlight and we are very pleased to speak with Adam! As usual we ask a few questions to get acquainted with him.

USGBC MA: What is your current job and how does it differ from past jobs in Sustainability?

ADAM: I am currently working on a new construction project in the heart of Boston as an Assistant Project Manager for Lee Kennedy Co. Inc. The project is projected to be LEED Silver. My role hasn't changed much in regards to sustainability, but I am impressed with Lee Kennedy's focus on making sure that we surpass any LEED credit requirements given to us. It takes a good team from start to finish to manage this process on a large scale and we have a good team.

USGBC MA: When did you first become interested in Sustainability?

ADAM: Honestly it clicked in my senior year of college. There was a contractor at WPI that was teaching a class on Sustainability and I decided to give it a shot. The class opened my eyes from just the standard brick and mortar of a building. It really taught me how these mega structures live and breath and their impacts on all the environment around us. Something as simple as wood flooring can really devastate a habitat thousands of miles away.

USGBC MA: Why are a you a member of the MA chapter and how did you get there?

ADAM: My first experience with the MA Chapter of the USGBC was at a networking night where NEREJ sponsored a “Twitter” instructional.  I wasn't sure what to expect; but within 5 minutes of being there, I knew that this was a great organization to be a part of. Thanks to the candid discussions on sustainability and after the general positive nature of everyone I talked to and hearing about the great lobbying efforts of this chapter, I decided to try out EPMA. 

USGBC MA: How are you an environmental steward?

ADAM: If you ever had the chance to meet me, you will know that I am not the most earthy-crunchy guy. I don't buy hemp clothes and I don't own a garden, but I do make sure we are doing the right things daily. I try to make a conscious effort to not only inspect materials we bring in, but educate those around me why it is important to do so. If there is one person I can teach on-site why it's important to buy recycled materials or restore habitats, then that's one person more that can help teach someone else. That's how we get “more green buildings”. [editor's note: YEAH!]

USGBC MA: How do you help raise environmental awareness?

ADAM: One person at a time; usually I do this through casual conversation. I don't like slamming people with my agenda and telling people that they should only ride bikes or fuel-efficient vehicles. When I see that people are open to the idea of getting more involved or want to know more, then that's when I open up and discuss what can be done as well as the cool events that the USGBC MA has going on.

USGBC MA: If I needed to find you on a Saturday afternoon, where would it be?
ADAM: Either throwing the ball with my over-active dog or supporting a local establishment somewhere in the city of Boston.

At the next EPMA event, don't be shy and say HI to Adam!

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