By USGBCMA Communications, More Green Buildings!

We have a full house this summer, with THREE interns keeping things running smoothly at USGBC MA. Read their profiles below!

Rachael Berry

University of Connecticut, Class of 2018
Digital Media and Design

As a lover of the outdoors, I knew I wanted to use my design background and skills to support an meaningful environmental project. I am currently pursuing a degree in Digital Media and Design at the University of Connecticut, and I'm fascinated with emerging technologies and all aspects of Design.

I hope to bring a unique skill set to USGBC MA and an energetic attitude to the team this summer. I enjoy surfing, running, painting and traveling. 


Ritchie Lafaille

University of Massachusetts, Lowell, Class of 2019
Civil Engineering

Growing up in Haiti, I have always been amazed by innovation. I observed people making great things and solving many problems with very little resources. However, like many other countries, Haiti needs improvements in the construction and maintenance of buildings, bridges, roads, and water supply systems. The need of such renovation around the globe inspires me to pursue a career in Civil Engineering. I dream of travelling the world and bringing an impact where needed.

I am very excited to be working as an intern at USGBC MA where I constantly learn about green buildings and sustainability and get to meet people. This experience is very beneficial for both my learning and career goals. This summer will be great!


Belinda Xian

Tufts University, Class of 2018
Civil Engineering

I grew up reading Ranger Rick and spending time outdoors, so I've always been interested in making society more sustainable and environmentally-friendly. In high school, I chose Civil Engineering so I could impact the world in the physically largest way possible, and I haven't looked back since! Working with USGBC to spread interest in green building and sustainability is definitely something I'm looking forward to.

In my free time, I enjoy painting, reading, and nagging friends and family members to recycle properly. I look forward to an exciting summer here!

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