By Celis Brisbin

I have been involved with USGBC Massachusetts for a few years and it has been a pleasure being part of such a great growing community.  I was the Co-Chair of the Membership Committee, which I re-formed into Outreach (and Chaired) to better align volunteering efforts with the Chapter.  Now I assist the Committee as an active member with their efforts as well as work with other volunteers.  Some fun stuff I’ve been involved with include planning the Annual Meeting at Wentworth and spreading the word about the Chapter at our booth during Boston Greenfest.

I grew up in construction, starting my career swinging hammers and have been involved in some way, shape, or form ever since.  I am a Senior Engineer at RSMeans from The Gordian Group leading a team in Research and Development for our Architecture, Engineering, and Construction data.  I am also the Senior Editor of the Green Construction Cost Data Book and have published articles regarding building technologies as well as other subjects.  Some recent articles include, “LED Versus Fluorescent Lighting“ in EDC Magazine, “Cost Comparison: SIPS Versus Traditional Construction” in Architectural Products Magazine, and “Facility Lifecycle Costs with RSMeans” in The Gordian Group’s blog.  Also, “Access to Quality Transit? Prove it!” appeared in the USGBC Massachusetts blog.

I’m an active person and my interests reflect that.  Hiking in conservation lands with my dog, playing ice hockey on a couple of teams, and the occasional home brew are just a few of the activities I like to do.

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