By Alexander Landa

At this point, I'm sure anyone reading this knows that the state of Massachusetts is one of the greenest there is. With massive amounts of LEED certified buildings and ongoing sustainability endeavors, this state has made a positive impact on the built environment. What may be news is that the state has over 100,000 individuals employed in clean energy jobs.

Read the full report by MassCEC here.

The Commonwealth recently added 6300 jobs, bringing the total to over 100,000. Clean energy is now at $11.8 billion industry in Mass., making that 2.5% of all gross state product, and 2.9% of the state's overall workforce.

“The Commonwealth’s highly educated and well-trained workforce makes it an attractive place for innovative industries, including clean energy companies,” said Governor Charlie Baker. “Massachusetts’ recently passed comprehensive energy diversification legislation will continue to build on the recent success of the clean energy industry by increasing opportunities for growth and advancement.”

This is a massive achievement for our wonderful state. Part of Massachusett's initiative is to get to 100% renewable energy, which can work alongside our mission for a net-positive future. This report is proof that so many organizations and industries have the same mission in Mass. – a more sustainable, healthier future, through any means necessary.

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