By Ryan Duffy, Communications Fellow

Attention USGBCMA community!  We have a special challenge for all our members from the Living Future Institute of Australia (LFIA).  The LFIA has launched a design competition for a retail centre in Melbourne Australia to meet the Living Building Challenge (more here).

The LFIA is encouraging entries from all around the world. Living Building Challenges do a great job at drawing in the progressive and clever people that enjoy the opportunity to solve problems and the challenge organizers are hoping to spread their contest to every corner of the world, including Massachusetts!

The Prompt
The Brickworks Living Building Challenge is an international design competition for a new retail centre in a former brickworks site in Melbourne, Australia. We invite designers, professionals, environmental experts, and students to submit ideas to redefine what a culturally rich, socially just, and ecologically restorative retail centre could be. You are invited to step up, and participate.

Read more about the challenge online or check out the flier!

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