By USGBCMA Communications, More Green Buildings!

Wednesday, June 15th, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm
50 Milk St, 18th Floor, “Woolf” Room

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Any professional who is serious about sustainable building should definitely have their LEED Green Associate accreditation! To help you prepare for your Green Associate Exam, we're hosting an exam preparation course in two weeks. Because we will be transitioning to an updated version of LEED next year, attending this course is the perfect opportunity to get a better grasp of the updated certification information.

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If you're already a Green Associate or Accredited Professional, make sure to share this opportunity with your colleagues. 

The Green Associate preparation course will cover most of the material on the LEED Green Associate exam. You should plan to spend an additional 10-20 hours of study time outside of this class. This time will be best spent reviewing the reading materials listed below while paying particular attention to concepts and terminology. The LEED Green Associate Handbook references hundreds of pages of reading materials, while this class will focus primarily on the 106-page LEED Core Concepts Guide.  As part of this fast-tracked course, we will skim some reading materials and skip other reading materials.  

Students who have passed the exam have reported that local study partners and/or study groups have been very helpful.

The 8-hour course is devised of the following sessions: 

Chapter #1 – Introduction
This 1-hour chapter will explain the LEED Green Associate credentialing process and serve as an introduction to LEED, sustainability, the USGBC, the GBCI and the LEED rating system.

Chapter #2 – Location and Transportation / Sustainable Sites
This 1-hour chapter will focus on site issues such as connectivity, transportation, erosion, landscaping, and heat island effect.

Chapter #3 – Water Efficiency / Energy and Atmosphere
This 1-hour chapter will focus on water issues (plumbing efficiency, irrigation, process water, etc.) and energy and atmosphere issues (demand, efficiency, renewable energy, ozone depleting substances, etc.)

Chapter #4 – Materials and Resources
This 1-hour chapter will focus on procurement and waste diversion.

Chapter #5 – Indoor Environmental Quality
This 1-hour chapter will focus on indoor environmental quality issues such as indoor air quality, occupant comfort and green cleaning.

Chapter #6 – Innovation / Regional Priority / Certification Process
This 1-hour chapter will explain the LEED certification process and the Innovation and Regional Priority categories.

Chapter #7 – Exam Review
This 1-hour chapter will focus on exam format and registration and sample exam questions.

Chapter #8 – Exam Review
This 1-hour chapter will focus on sample exam questions.

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