By Ryan Duffy, Communications Fellow

The Living Building Challenge (LBC) is a revolutionary new green building certification program. It calls for the creation of building projects that operate as cleanly, beautifully and efficiently as nature's architecture.  On May 11-13, The Living Future Conference will convene in Seattle. At this meeting, professionals and experts will exchange technical expertise, bold strategies and provocative case studies. It will be a productive exchange about green buildings' newest and most intense standard.

At USGBC MA, we will convene 2 Tuesdays from now, May 17th, to familiarize our network of professionals and enthusiasts with the new standard and discuss the results of the conference. Participants will gain a basic understanding of the LBC- a philosophy, advocacy tool and certification program that addresses development at all scales. Attendees will also learn to describe the key components of the program and discuss the rationale for restorative design principles.

We have four goals for the event:

1. Understand the basic philosophy of the Living Building Challenge
2. Describe the key components of the program
3. Discuss the rationale for restorative design principles
4. Identify and locate the resources provided by the International Living Future Institute for deeper engagement

Don't miss out, Read more about the event and register now!!

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