By USGBCMA Communications, More Green Buildings!

Part of our Building Blueprint educational series.

The WELL Building Standard was recently created to help design buildings that are better for human health. We anticipate that this building standard will greatly impact the building process and the types of buildings that are constructed in the future.

To bring as many people up to speed with this new standard, we have organized an introductory session at our headquarters. This session will be beneficial for professionals from all sectors of the building industry: owners, engineers, builders and occupants interested in the new standard are encouraged to attend!

The session will take place next Tuesday, May 31, from 8:30 am to 10:30 am.

We will be watching a segment from the USGBC's Education platform about WELL and then having a moderated discussion on the future, impact, and evolution of the standard.

Register for the event here!

The time has come to elevate human health and comfort to the forefront of building practices and reinvent buildings that are not only better for the planet—but also for people. Please join us for this important and informative session.

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