By Tatyana Frid

Various organizations are working towards healthier buildings all over the world today. An innovative company whose goal is to create more sustainable buildings worldwide is WELL. Currently, there are over 100 million square feet of buildings that are WELL certified in more than 30 countries worldwide. With the recent growth of the International WELL Building Institute, WELL is able to constantly work on new programs and resources that can help create more sustainable buildings, especially where they are needed most. WELL has recently published a new video on their website showcasing some of there talented innovators that have helped WELL become a pioneering organization with a global market.

Additionally, WELL has recently created a new app called Build WELL , which features up to date articles on WELL along with other members of the sustainable buildings community. This innovative app also serves as an on-the-go tool to help buildings be WELL certified anytime, anywhere.

You can check out more information on how WELL is working towards their mission through this link. 


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