By Alexander Landa

For anyone considering making a larger impact in the green building community, consider becoming a mentor or mentee. Through our mentoring program, you can either help guide someone to unleash their potential, or learn from a distinguished professional yourself.

Established by the USGBC MA Emerging Professionals committee, we believe that these relationships can help connect anyone willing to make a difference in the built environment. 

A 2016 mentee, Katie, had this to say about her experience: The USGBC mentor program successfully brings together people from different professions and in different points in their careers, but with a shared interest in sustainability and green building. My own group consisted of a young professional working at a nonprofit, an experienced sustainability director for a local engineering company, and myself, a civil engineer. Meeting bimonthly gave us a chance to check in with each other, ask for advice, and see how we were all progressing with our professional goals. The support of my group was invaluable this past year, as I transitioned from an engineering career path to one specifically geared toward green building. I am grateful to my group for expanding my network, providing me with advice from an outside perspective, and increasing my self-confidence as a young professional.

If interested, please contact Rebecca Slocum (


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