By Carrie Havey

On July 9th, the Massachusetts Board of Building 

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Regulations & Standards (BBRS) voted to adopt the most current version of the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC 2012). This makes Massachusetts one of the first states in the nation to adopt the new code and represents a 20% increase in energy efficiency over the current statewide energy code. The results of this change – the state base code is now equal to the energy efficiency requirements of the Massachusetts Stretch Energy Code. 

The Stretch Energy Code was added to the state building code in 2009 and provides an option for cities or towns to adopt an energy code that requires greater energy efficiency in buildings than the base code that is otherwise mandatory for municipalities across the state. Currently, the Stretch Code has been adopted by 131 municipalities in Massachusetts. 
So for a short while, the Stretch Code and the MA state code will be one and the same, until the State determines what the change in the Stretch Code will be. Our Advocacy Interest Group is following the issue and meeting with partners next week to outline a strategy to make sure we get an ambitious next Stretch Code. Contact Norm Lamonde if you are interested in knowing more.
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