By Alexander Landa

The Healthy Materials Summit on October 26th was an awesome event! We couldn't have put everything together without the help of a hosting committee, the volunteers, and especially our sponsors. We want to thank Sustainable Minds for helping to make this event the success it was!

Recently, they introduced the SM Transparency Catalog™ a simple, cloud-based catalog for AECs to easily find products with transparency information. With 350+ brands, representing hundreds of categories and thousands of products, the SM Transparency Catalog brings together all manufacturers who have made the commitment to product transparency – and presents their info in a simple, standardized and consistent way.

Our search is over. All brands with products for LEED v4 can be easily found here – for free and no login required. It is the only source to provide BOTH environmental and material health disclosures that qualify for LEED v4, Green Globes, Well Building Standard and the Living Building Challenge –- from all manufacturers, program operators & material disclosure rating systems.

This catalog will save AECs hundreds of hours in research, allowing us to easily find products with EPDs, HPDs and Declare labels, Cradle to Cradle® certification and more. To avoid further searching and busywork, when users find a product they're interested in, they are directed to the manufacturers' website. Convenient!

The larger goal of this catalog is to create a virtuous cycle of supply & demand for credibly greener & healthier products – in a ‘carrot’ kind of way. Rather than a letter writing campaign to impose a deadline, Sustainable Minds has provided an email link in all the ‘Freemium’ listings to contact the manufacturer and encourage them to add their products to the catalog to make it a better resource for all to use, and will better ensure their products will be found by people who care.

We hope you’ll select those brands and products you like and help get them listed in the Catalog!

Start using the SM Transparency Catalog and learn more about what Sustainable Minds is working to accomplish.




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