By Alexander Landa

Much more goes into a building's lifecycle than just design and construction – there are the components that go into the design that will determine how long the building will stand, as well as its impact on the sustainable environment. Recently we held the Healthy Materials Summit in Cambridge, and we want to thank Shaw Floors for being a sponsor of the event.

On numerous occasions, Shaw has been ranked #1 for their carpet and hardwood products, all thanks to their mix of quality, service, support, price, availability, training, and consumer preference.

Shaw has a devotion to sustainability, as evidenced by their annual sustainability report, among other proven successes. They're completely transparent, never shying away from the materials they use, nor the implementation behind material use – all for a healthier future. Shaw even advocates for carpet recycling, rather than loading the landfills with them.

Thank you Shaw for making the Healthy Materials Summit, we look forward to working together again in the future!


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