By Alexander Landa

The Healthy Materials Summit on October 26th was an awesome event! We couldn't have put everything together without the help of a hosting committee, the volunteers, and especially our sponsors. An extra big thank you goes to the Brightworks Sustainability for really helping to make the Summit happen.

Very much so in line with our mission focused on sustainability, Brightworks works with their clients of architects and engineers to help them create more sustainable buildings through ecological, social, and economic lenses. Through planning and facilitation services, Brightworks can help their clients increase the value of their assets, reduce operating costs, manage risk, and enhance their brand – all while considering the design's impact on the environment.

A significant amount of their work and services provided revolve around LEED certified buildings, such as LEED for Homes, LEED Energy Modeling, and more, while also looking at corporate sustainability programs, and general green building consulting.

Thank you, Brightworks!

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