By Grey Lee

I love the gathering at the Healthy Materials Summit. It is truly the cream of the crop in our practitioner community. These are the people making decisions and specifying products that will improve the health effects of the designs they are responsible for. The folks I meet at our Summit are truly concerned about the long-term effects of buildings on people. The organizing team of Blake, Steven, and Shawn are real stand-up gentlemen who have convened amazing speakers to help us dig in to the topic.

I always have great conversations and learn a ton. Especially now with the work we're doing related to the Living Product Challenge and the WELL standard, it's exciting to have such a critical mass here in the Boston area. Our community is leading the charge to improve the built environment!

What can we do to improve the effects of buildings on human health? Many employers are starting to explore this situation in order to attract and retain the best talent. Public health studies have identified the ways buildings and workplace design affect productivity and influence a brand. People don't want to be in a building that brings them down or makes them sick. People want to avoid repetitive stress injuries and the effects of long-term exposure to low-level toxins. We can make a difference.

Each year this Summit program to follow advances in the science of buildings and occupant health. Beyond ratings systems, we raise the conversation around wellness and the built environment. Is your organization tuning in to this? Do you have something to demonstrate?

I think you should come out for this one. Join us on 10/26 for a great program.

You can register here for the Healthy Materials Summit 2016.

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