By Derek Newberry, Advocacy Fellow

Of course, the reason we are all dedicated to the green building movement is because we are committed to the important, noble goal of ensuring a sustainable and healthy environment. But sometimes, it's nice to get rewarded for doing the right thing. Next Thursday at our Green Breakfast, you can learn just how to get these rewards–through tax incentives! Our featured presenter, Jerome Garciano, will discuss the great perks of tax incentives for promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.

Using a framework of the federal and 50-state compendium of green tax benefits developed by the presenter, this training will explain key features of tax credits and deductions, and what to look for when exploring various tax incentives for your green projects.  We’ll also discuss advocacy strategies for possible new tax incentive legislation in Massachusetts, reviewing and comparing several existing LEED tax incentive programs around the country.

Mr. Garciano will be joined by Jack Keleher, who will describe in greater detail the recent announcement by the Division of Capital Asset Management & Maintenance (DCAMM) of a more accessible strategy towards IRS Code 179D. As the Deputy General Counsel at DCAMM, Mr. Keleher will explain the agency's new approach to 179D and answer questions about how you can get tax benefits for your project. (Read more about the DCAMM announcement, and its relevance to your green building projects, in our recent blog post).

We're hoping to see both new faces and the same great, dependable crowd for refreshments and refreshing conversation. See you next week!

  • What: Breakfast Presentation about Green Tax Benefits
  • When: Thursday, Oct. 22nd | 8:30-10:00PM
  • Where: USGBC MA Headquarters | 50 Milk St., 17th Floor | Hercules Conference Room

Register for the event here.

About the Speaker

Jerome Garciano is an attorney in Robinson & Cole LLP's Real Estate Group, whose practice focuses on state and federal tax financing incentives that affect the built environment. Mr. Garciano provides tax and finance support for developers, lenders, syndicators, investors, nonprofit sponsors, and government agencies in renewable energy and real estate developments using the Historic, New Markets, Renewable Energy, and Low-Income Housing Tax Credits. He is a LEED accredited professional and has advised clients on utilizing energy efficiency and renewable energy tax incentives. He also works on tax policy initiatives promoting green energy and real estate development. Mr. Garciano shares his expertise with the USGBC MA Chapter Advocacy Committee, which continues their efforts to rally support and demand greener, more sustainable communities.


Separately, Grey Lee will be the ham at this meeting.


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