By Grey Lee, Executive Director

Donald Trump is a “climate denier” who, among other things, has indicated hostility to environmental and community-beneficial regulations and initiative of the federal government. This will complicate our work to advance sustainability and net positive systems in the built environment (our mission). We will need you help – and I look forward to you participating in our advocacy work, attending our events and service projects and joining us as a member. It will be a lot of work!


However, there is hope in the world of green building:

Trump's 1290 Avenue of the Americas is a LEED EB Silver certified building. Nice work TD Bank – a LEED CI Gold certification in the building there!

Trump International Hotel & Tower in Chicago is registered for LEED…we shall see where that goes.


Here's a somewhat right-wing yet fascinating take on where Trump may connect on the green building agenda. The thesis being these green building rating systems should be voluntary, but also that climate change deniers shouldn't be ridiculed. I think we all accept the scientific consensus, and if someone doesn't, it is reasonable to help them understand it. Truly, ridicule is not the best way to help someone come around. Trump has announced a $1 trillion effort to rebuild infrastructure and the built environment – this is a big opportunity for us to facilitate those investments being made for the best long-term value.

It is going to be an interesting ride.


You can read about his NYC real estate here (#13 is 1290 Avenue of the Americas, LEED EB Silver).

That is all I have to say right now. Be well out there! 


[Don't go to Daily Kos unless you want to be freaked out by other aspects of the President-elect.] 

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