By Grey Lee, Executive Director

Come to this awesome program with sustainability expert Barbra Batshalom:

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Tuesday, May 24th, 2016 8:30 AM through 11:00 AM

50 Milk Street, 18th Floor
“Hemingway” Room
Boston, 02109


The future of our planet and our profession depend on our ability to co-create collaboratively and achieve levels of synergy that transform our impact. Net Zero, LEED and the 2030 Challenge define performance targets. Yet, critical gaps remain between rising performance goals and the organizational capability to consistently achieve them. AIA 2030 data shows that 57% of gsf uses energy modeling, meaning 43% doesn’t. Most teams don’t know what the anticipated energy use is. Firms also report that LEED certified projects, which tend to have more commitment and higher levels of integration, have 24% lower pEUI than non-LEED projects, yet LEED still represents a small percentage of a firm’s portfolio. 

The project delivery process is the life-blood of your business yet most firms try to achieve these ever-higher performance targets using the same old delivery process that doesn't achieve performance.This session provides participants with practical frameworks and proven methodologies to transform their practice from “random acts of sustainability” to consistent capability based on cultural change, clearly articulated methodologies, truly integrative design and effective use of metrics to achieve continuous improvement. Come with specific questions and scenarios and we will address them in this session. 

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