SMMA (Symmes Maini and McKee Associates) is an architectural, engineering, and interior design firm based in Massachusetts. Since 1955, SMMA has balanced architecture, engineering, interiors, and site design to afford clients the agility of a single source of creative and technical expertise. Their practice is guided by a shared pursuit of design excellence and social responsibility.

SMMA has three studios in Cambridge, Chapel Hill, and Providence. Their studios represent specialized communities of practice working together to foster knowledge flow around common interests. Together, their studios form a larger design ecosystem sharing best practices and helping nurture professional growth and project excellence.  

SMMA's clients vary from L.L. Bean to universities to the United States Army. Only after listening to their clients are they able to genuinely collaborate and develop the right design solutions. SMMA loves their clients and believes that true partnerships are built on a foundation of trust, integrity, and mutual respect. 

Read more about SMMA and check out their projects on their website, or read more about them in our blog!

Images of SMMA's most recent projects, taken from their website.