Skanska has made a name for themselves as one of the largest construction and development companies in select U.S. markets, with expertise in construction, civil infrastructure, public-private partnerships, and commercial development initiatives.

Their devotion to sustainability is impressive. As of writing, they employ more than 400 LEED accredited professionals, and have constructed more than 125 LEED certified or pending-certification buildings. They don't just construct green buildings – they also do their best to inspire customers to want green buildings.

In their 'Journey to Deep Green' initiative, they do more than just hitting checklists to be considered green. They have designed their own bar for what is considered a green design, with targets involving energy, carbon, water, material selection, and waste, all in accordance with their 'Skanska Color Palette.'

Skanska aims to build completely sustainable societies – not just buildings. Their goals for a healthier urban environment involve developing schools, homes, hospitals, offices, roads, and railways – all things people need, and are all things that can be built better.

Thanks to Jim Jones on our board for supporting sustainability in the built environment and working to connect disadvantaged youth to facilities operations communities.