Re-Stream is a Green Logistics company focused on environmental responsibility by reducing waste on both a project-based and contractual basis. Founded by the team who created an industry, Re-Stream is a woman-owned business enterprise based in Waltham, MA.

The built environment has contributed more than 70% of total landfill content, and Re-Stream knows that thoughtfully repurposing and recycling from this waste source can have a positive impact on our environment now and for future generations. Re-Stream is committed to helping clients execute successful business practices backed by years of experience in logistics solutions, and an extensive network of partners to ensure all physical assets be re-used and or recycled, in a cost-effective manner, on any schedule clients choose.

Re-Stream provides numerous services to its clients: recyling program development, decommissioning, relocation purging, electronics recycling, secure shredding, relocation rental products, and asset recycling. Its products include crates, dollies, carts, bins, and moving supplies to ensure that clients have a seamless transition when relocating. 

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