RDK Engineers

RDK Engineers is an design firm that provides a wide range of engineering services to its clients. The energy-efficient mechanical system designs it provide include: Hot Water and Steam Heating Systems, Chilled Water Cooling Systems with Water Side Economizers, Building Control and Automation Systems, Central Utility Plants, all Types of Air Handling Systems, Ventilation and Specialized Exhaust Systems, Energy Recovery Systems, Data Center Cooling Systems, and Process Piping Systems. Sustainability is at the core of RDK's operating principles, which is why they are the perfect partner. 

RDK's engineers have attained  a reputation for practical ingenuity, not mere innovation. Capital and long-term costs, efficient operation and maintenance, and safety and comfort of occupants are key considerations in developing each solution. Quality engineering is the foundation of every design.

RDK Engineers is corporate member of the U.S. Green Building Council and committed to Sustainable Design, illustrated by the fact that over 20% of their staff is LEED Accredited. RDK has multiple dedicated energy engineers whose primary focus is to find the most efficient energy solutions for each project. They have helped clients achieve over $2 million in utility incentives. Whether or not our clients choose to pursue LEED Certification, RDK continually assess projects to improve efficiency. 

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Sample projects completed by RDK Engineers, taken from their website.