Linnean Solutions

Linnean Solutions, a USGBC MA bronze-level sponsoring partner, is an environmental performance consulting firm located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Linnean’s mission is to maximize company and community performance through integrative, data-driven analysis that informs and supports decision-making. By transforming information into cost-effective actions that reduce environmental impact and increase asset value, Linnean strives to support stronger businesses, more resilient communities, and a more sustainable world.

Linnean uses cost-effective monitoring instruments to capture live data for energy, water, air quality and other environmental metrics for building and district systems. The results enable clients to understand and improve operational performances, reducing waste and generating savings. Linnean also provides services in Ecodistrict consulting, environmental analysis and strategic sustainability planning, living building challenge consulting, and resilience analysis. 

To help prepare Boston for the warmer climate of tomorrow, Linnean Solutions partnered with the Built Environmental Coalition and the Resilient Design Institute to produce Building Resilience in Boston: Best Practices for Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience in Existing Buildings, commissioned by the city of Boston.  The report is chock-full of interesting information and facts about Boston and delves into four vitally important contexts for getting resilience right in Boston: geography, the built environment, and natural hazards, and vulnerable populations. 

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