Levi + Wong

Levi + Wong Design is a passionate group of professionals who believe the power of design can improve the quality of life in the communities where we live and work. The group invests considerable time, energy, and resources into each of their projects, which is evident in their high-caliber and polished output. Levi + Wong's commitment to sustainability is unquestioned; for eacj project they consider the long-term implications of design and keep in mind how a project might be expanded, renovated or repurposed thirty years from now.  Sustainability means environmentally friendly product selection, but it also means life cycle costing, and thinking of the built environment as part of a larger cycle of return and investment.

Quality Design, Service, Innovation, Teamwork, and Sound Business are the foundation of Levi + Wong's success.  Levi Wong is a client-centric firm led by working principals dedicated to design excellence. As a full-service design firm comprised of architects, interior designers, landscape architects and planners, we each bring specialized skills and knowledge to the firm’s collaborative design style.  Our modest size–just over 30 employees- belies the depth and breadth of the service we offer in planning, design, and project management.  Our experienced working principals, collaborative style, proactive approach and interactive Client / Architect Virtual Design Process allows us to creatively and innovatively design projects that respond to client needs.  Foremost to our clients we are Visionaries, Advisors, Designers, and Managers.

Levi + Wong has an impressive portfolio and typically works in five different sectors: healthcare, rehabilitation, senior care, senior living, and landscape architecture. To see their full portfolio, follow this link.  

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