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Help us with Advocacy

Our mission is to drive net positive outcomes for our society through the transformation of our built environment. Together, through our advocacy efforts, we are able to rally support and demand greener, more sustainable communities locally and nationally.

You can be involved! We meet on the second Thursday of the month for an “Advocacy Roundtable” to review action, priorities, and outreach. You can find these on our calendar. We are building a network of green building advocates throughout the Commonwealth. Thank you for joining us!

Each year the Chapter prioritizes three campaigns. The 2017 campaigns are:

  1. Net Zero Energy Buildings – How do we create policy frameworks which support a net-positive future?
  2. Carbon Pricing – How can we implement the true cost of fossil fuels to correct the market for clean tech and high performance design?
  3. Climate Adaptation Management Planning – How will we prepare for a changing environment, sea level rise and other concerns relating to building design and resilience?

USGBC MA is a champion for green buildings and sustainability in our communities. We convene stakeholders to promote green building and sustainable, community-friendly legislation, initiatives, and local regulations. These efforts are spearheaded by our Advocacy Committee, which is led by Chapter Volunteer Emma Corbalan of MIT.

Read more about our current advocacy priorities here.

Our work in advocacy is supported by our Emerald Fund. To learn more about how to support our advocacy efforts, look at our Emerald Community Membership program. We are also part of the Mass Power Forward Coalition and support their comprehensive legislative agenda for 2017-2018 but are focusing on the issues above.

Learn more about advocating at the: