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The Charles River Speedway

Thursday, October 21, 2021 from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM

The Built Environment Plus community works hard to advance sustainable and regenerative design, construction, and operation of the built environment. Once a year, we gather to celebrate industry success and innovation at BE+’s Green Building Showcase (GBS 2021).

At GBS 2021, community members celebrate the best efforts, designs, and products in the Commonwealth. Join us for a night of project boards, short presentations, discussions, and awards. In 2019, nearly 175 people celebrated 51 projects that all embraced the spirit of sustainable design.

Attendees include architects, engineers, contractors, developers, owners, facility managers, building users, lenders, suppliers – everyone who plays a role in designing, operating, and constructing the built environment. Join us in celebrating our community’s accomplishments over food and drinks.


We are gathering at the beautifully adapted Garage B located at The Charles River Speedway in Brighton, MA. For everyone’s safety, this indoor/outdoor space maximizes airflow and invites social distancing. See additional details on COVID safe requirements in registration below.


4:00 PM – 5:00 PM | Open Gallery

5:00 PM – 5:30 PM | Welcome

5:30 PM – 6:00 PM | Vote People’s Choice

6:00 PM – 7:15 PM | Awards Programs

7:15 PM – 8:00 PM | Networking


Please note that we are watching the continuing COVID-19 situation with variants very carefully. The current plan is for a semi-outdoor event.

Proof of vaccination is required at time of event check-in, and masks are required anytime you are indoors, and is encouraged when you are outside.

To take care and due diligence around people’s safety and health, we may switch to an all virtual event at any moment. The ticket costs will not change or be refunded. The Green Building Showcase is one of the largest fundraisers for Built Environment Plus. Tickets and sponsorship costs support BE+’s year round initiatives and ability to connect and support this leading professional community.


Don't let cost keep you from participating. Scholarships for our events and trainings are provided by our friends at the R.W. Kern Center. Apply for free admission.


Meredith Elbaum, Executive Director, announces the rebranding of USGBC MA at the 2019 Green Building Showcase.

This year we have 11 awards in total to recognize our community with:


    • 1 Green Building of the Year Award

    • 1 Green Home of the Year Award

    • 1 Student Project of the Year

    • 1 People’s Choice Award

    • 6 Category Leader Awards

    • 1 Change Agent Award

Change Agent Award – Nominations Closed

The Change Agent Award is new this year, and it was created to recognize someone who has made a significant positive impact on the environment, social equity, and economy.

  • How is this individual’s contributions adding innovation or leadership to the green built environment movement?
  • How are they influencing and/or mentoring other individuals?
  • Provide any data (awards, impacts, testimonials) relevant to evaluating contributions.

Person must live or work in Massachusetts. Or their impact is in Massachusetts. 

Nominations of others only. No self nomination allowed. Nominations due October 14th.

Green Building of the Year Award

This award is designed to highlight the most impressive recent green building within our green building community. A panel of industry peers, outside of Massachusetts, will judge the project entries through a holistic sustainability lens to crown this year’s Green Building of the Year.

Green Home of the Year Award

This award is designed to highlight the most innovative, high impact, and replicable recent residential green building within our community. A diverse panel of industry peers, outside of Massachusetts, will judge the project entries through a holistic sustainability lens to crown this year’s Green Home of the Year.


Student Project of the Year

The next generations are inheriting the current built environment as well as the challenges we face in its transformation to positively impact the environment, social equity, and the economy.  Students K-Graduate are thinking up extraordinary visions and solutions, and with this new award, we look to spotlight and celebrate their contributions to our future.


People’s Choice Award

This award is voted on and calculated during the Green Building Showcase by all of those in attendance. Each attendee gets two votes to cast with the system designed to allow this community to recognize their favorite peer projects on showcase. The showboard with the most votes earns the People’s Choice Award. All boards across all categories are eligible for people’s choice.

Category Leader Awards

This award series is intended to spotlight projects that show exceptional leadership and innovation in one of the many priority areas of the sustainable and regenerative built environment movement. We recognize that our projects are team efforts, and so, we seek with these awards to reward and celebrate the parts and pieces that make up the whole. We encourage all companies withing the AEC industry to participate and submit projects. Owners and operators, that’s you too!

Carbon and Energy

We know as we face the current global climate emergency that significant work is needed within the built environment. In order to meet the Paris targets we must eliminate all GHG Emissions in the built environment by 2040. This award is to recognize a project that drastically reduces it’s embodied and operational carbon through innovative solutions with high impact and high replicability.

Equity and Inclusion

Social equity in the built environment requires careful attention to justice and fairness. People are directly involved or affected by the diversity of the project team, the engagement with the community and users, and in the workforce responsible for the materials and construction of the project itself. This award is to recognize a project that took clear strides to be just and fair in all aspects of its design, construction, and ongoing operation. This project’s process and design results should be innovative, high impact, and replicable.

Health and Wellness

There is a duty of care that comes with designing a project, and it is especially important when considering the health and wellness impacts the built environment can have on us. Healthy materials, water quality and access, active design, lighting, biophilia, ventilation, and other design considerations all come together to create the indoor environmental conditions. This award is to recognize a project that made a significant enhancement in its ability to support occupant health. The result should be high impact, and replicable.

Site and Landscape

The site is an integral part of the holistic project, but often the connection between the built architecture and the land itself is often not integrated for true localized ecological cohesion. This award is to recognize a project whose approach to site and landscape design was done with deep consideration of the local ecology, biodiversity, and regional integration, with an outcome that is high impact, innovative, and replicable.

Sustainable Construction Innovation

The construction of the built environment, and it’s buildings, is often overshadowed by the opening of the finished project and then is lost to time. We know that this phase of the project’s life is monumental, challenging, and of very high impact. This new award is to recognize the amazing innovation and leadership bringing sustainability to construction through things like waste management, site remediation, IAQ, ecology preservation, and reducing emissions during construction. The submitted project should have a product or practice that is high impact, innovative, and replicable.

Sustainable Building Operations

Nearly two-thirds of the building area that exists today will still exist in 2050, meaning the reduction in climate impacts from the built environment must address both existing and new buildings. The on-going life of a project has continual impacts on both the planet and on us. This new award is to recognize the amazing innovation and leadership bringing sustainability to operations through things like health and wellness, water and energy efficiency, lighting, maintenance, waste, commuting, acoustics, and adaptability. The submitted project should have a product or practice that is high impact, innovative, and replicable.


The Green Building Showcase contains our Project Gallery, which has displayed over 150 community submitted project boards since the showcase’s inception. The gallery contains two types of submissions:

Awards Competition:

Have a project that you believe deserves extra recognition? Then consider entering into our Awards Competition series, which features the Market Leader Award Series and our Green Building of the Year Award.

General Submission:

If you just want to show off your showboard without competing in the competitions, this is the submission category for you. General submissions are not eligible for the awards competition.


If you interested in learning more, please reach out to Meredith at meredith@builtenvironmentplus.org  / 617-752-2422


Green Building of the Year

King Open/Cambridge Street
Upper Schools & Community Complex

Submitted by Arrowstreet

Photo Credit: Robert Benson Photography

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