The Embodied Carbon Reduction Challenge Competition is now closed.

Embodied Carbon Event Training

Each Lead Applicant must send at least one employee to at least 3 of the designated related trainings offered by BE+ over the course of the Challenge.  See more information on training opportunities. If you missed the live training watch the video and take the quiz to meet the requirement.

Embodied Carbon Resources

Here are some great resources to get started:

One Click LCA Academy
One Click LCA has live virtual, on-demand trainings available.

Tally LCA
Tally LCA has webinars, tutorials, case studies, references and additional resources available.

AIA-CLF Embodied Carbon Toolkit for Architect
The AIA-CLF Embodied Carbon Toolkit for Architects serves to provide architects an overview and the necessary steps to be taken to reduce embodied carbon in their projects. This resource is divided into three parts, introducing the necessary steps and resources to take in reducing embodied carbon. This resource intends to empower building designers.

City of Vancouver Embodied Carbon Guidelines
For more detailed guidance on how to develop a baseline building, refer to this guide.

Carbon Leadership Forum (CLF) Boston
A BSA Knowledge Community and the Boston Hub of the Carbon Leadership Forum
CLF Boston is a group that shares knowledge and identifies actions—immediate and long-term—for the AEC industry to address issues of embodied carbon in the built environment in Boston and beyond. The group aims to reduce carbon emissions through design and through changes in procedural behaviors that impact carbon emissions.


Questions should be directed to BE+ will update this Q&A over the course of the Challenge.

Resources & Tools

Q: What’s on the Express interest form?
A: You can see the questions here.


Q: Do you need to have a project you’ll be reducing embodied carbon on to gain access to One Click LCA or Tally LCA.
A: You do need to have a project in mind and it is okay to switch projects to submit later. The reason for having a project is because MassCEC has a limited amount of licenses to provide and intends for the tools to influence real projects.


Q: Do you need owner permission to express interest and gain access to Tally LCA or One CLick LCA ?
A: No, you do not need owner permission to express interest. Expressions of interest will not be made public. You do need to have permission to ultimately submit for a prize. This is primarily to avoid multiple submissions for the same project.


Q: How many team members have access to the tool?
A: Only one person can access the tool at the same time.

Embodied Carbon LCA Licenses Available

BE+ provided licenses for participants (one shareable license per Lead Applicant) for Tally LCA ($695 value) or One Click LCA ($1250 value). The deadline to request LCA software was December 1st, 2023.


BE+ will continue to update this page. Please be sure to check back for more resources. BE+ will post recordings of BE+ free informative events here shortly after the presentations.


About MassCEC

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Fine Print

This Solicitation does not commit BE+ or MassCEC to award any funds, pay any costs incurred in preparing an application, or procure or contract for services or supplies. BE+ reserves the right to accept or reject any or all applications received, waive minor irregularities in submittal requirements, modify the anticipated timeline, request modification of the application, negotiate with all qualified Applicants, cancel or modify the Solicitation in part or in its entirety, or change the application guidelines, when it is in its best interests.

This Solicitation has been distributed electronically using BE+’s website. It is the responsibility of Applicants to check the website for any addenda or modifications to a Solicitation to which they intend to respond. BE+ accepts no liability and will provide no accommodation to Applicants who submit an application based on an out-of-date Solicitation document.