GPRO Testimonials

G | Pro Testimonials


Fundamentals of Building Green

“I would say GPRO has had a great impact on me since I took the class, both professionally and in my personal life. I had thought I knew a lot about going green, but the course expanded on what I knew and gave me an education on our natural resources. I find myself reading more environmental articles. I find myself thinking about the environment when I am making decisions. I also have had some great conversations with one of my daughters who interns at Sustainable Long Island. I credit all this to the GPRO course.” 

–Director of Engineering, Vornado Realty Trust 


“The course provided me with a more clear understanding of how to achieve reasonable “green goals” within my scope of authority and responsibility as a building superintendent and made me more aware of the inter-dependability of the different building components when changes are introduced to any of them.”

–Residential Manager, Columbia University 


“Much of the content was interesting. I was already familiar with a lot of it. I am hoping that the sustainability coordinators can have more meetings to help each other in solving challenges in greening the agencies. I am interested in taking the next step to obtain my LEED AP.” 

– Assistant Facilities Interior Designer, NYS Office of Mental Health



Operations & Maintenance Essentials 

“We recently introduced more than 20 of our building engineers in the Boston region to the GPRO Operations and Maintenance Essentials course. While I was initially apprehensive about the time commitment required of our operating team to complete the coursework, the feedback we’ve received has been fantastic. The instruction and course material exceeded our expectations. Operations and Maintenance Essentials elevated our awareness of asset-level sustainability performance improvement measures and provided actionable knowledge that will strengthen our sustainability efforts at the ground level. We plan on continuing the GPRO certification process with additional courses this fall and integrating the courses into our ongoing training program.”

Director of Engineering , Boston Properties –Boston Region 


“I am very pleased and honored to have been introduced to GPRO. This course has extended my knowledge on so many levels. I am looking forward to applying what I have learned to my career as well as my everyday life. We all, as students of GPRO, have an obligation to educate our fellow workers, friends, and children on the importance of a sustainable way of living” 

–Energy Conservation Specialist, Irex Contracting Group 


“It was a great course. Informative and enlightening. It is a great feeling to be aware that even small changes in our everyday work as building operators and as citizens, can improve our lives, our tenant’s lives, and help protect our environment. I appreciate this opportunity to gain this important knowledge, and implement it at my workplace as a building operator. Thank you!” 

–Employee, Algin Management


“I found the course to be very informative. It reinforced awareness of where we as building operations and maintenance professionals can make improvements in the operations of our buildings to make them more efficient. I found the exercises about the calculations of energy usage and cost to be very educational. I already have begun to see areas in the operation of the building where I work that can be improved in order to operate more efficiently.” 



“I can’t thank you enough for your refreshing passion in the teaching of the subject material. You really made what could have been a dull lackluster course engaging and exciting.” 

-Employee, Park South Tenants Corp.



Construction Management

“….as a Licensed Contractor I appreciated how the GPRO:CM certificate course applied Green Building Principles the whole team could understand. This was done through role playing and mock submittal exercises. I found tremendous value in knowing there is training that puts the entire team on the same page. There are many LEED Projects orphaned from ever receiving Certification due to someone on the team not understanding their role in obtaining the required documentation for the Project.” 

–Co-Founder, Construction Mastery Institute 



Electrical Systems

“Both the GPRO Green Building Fundamentals and Electrical Systems have been tremendously informative and interesting. What a great way for us as subcontractors, and our skilled craftsmen to become familiar with the future of green building. By offering this type of training to our employees at LEI Companies, we are able to close the gap on the knowledge of green building in a way that all our employees can understand. Now we know and have a platform to teach how and where our next role in a green project is. It has been a great addition for our existing LEED APs as well as wonderful introduction for our employees interested in becoming LEED accredited. They compliment each other very well and we were so pleased to find out this GPRO certification provides CE credits and can be utilized as a LEED GA Prep Course. It is an invaluable certification as a standalone course, and additionally provides a great basic for other LEED programs providing the most value for our training dollar.” 

-Business Development Coordinator, LEI Companies, Inc.


“We learned about GPRO from USGBC Colorado and hoped it would be a good way to incorporate sustainability issues into our current course offering. 200 students participated in a pilot of Fundamentals of Building Green and Electrical Systems and their feedback has been extremely positive. The materials are well written, engaging and tailored to the trades. All of our educational programs are held to a high standard, but GPRO completely exceeded those standards. This program is sure to be a great success.” 

–Training Director, IECRM