“We introduced more than 20 of our building engineers in Boston to the GPRO Operations and Maintenance Essentials course. The instruction and course material exceeded our expectations. Operations and Maintenance Essentials elevated our awareness of asset-level sustainability performance improvement measures and provided actionable knowledge that will strengthen our sustainability efforts at the ground level.”

Director of Engineering, Boston Properties

GPRO: Green Professional Building Skills Training is a comprehensive national training and certificate program that teaches the principles of sustainability and trade-specific green construction knowledge to people who build, renovate, and maintain buildings. GPRO is owned and managed by Urban Green Council and brought to you by Built Environment Plus through local certified instructors.

GPRO certificate holders will be prepared to work in accordance with new regulations and meet the expectations of owners and tenants who want healthier, environmentally sustainable, and energy-efficient homes and offices.

Do You Employ Trades Professional?

Whether you employ plumbers, electricians, construction managers, or building operators, these courses will help them master modern techniques and practices not learned through conventional projects. GPRO is meant for experienced professionals who need to incorporate more green practices into their daily work.

Building technology has advanced greatly in the past 10 years and will continue to do so. GPRO ensures that your trades staff are meeting the efficiency and operational goals required of these complex buildings.

Usually, maintenance consists of continuing the practices that have been done over time. A building’s energy control systems can be the best, but can lose all effectiveness if it is not used or maintained properly. Institutional practices tend to standardize practice and “legacy” procedures are not questioned. However, technology and systems change–staff knowledge will need to change in order to support these building systems. 

Why Should You Invest in GPRO Training?

Comprehensive Certificate Program: Instructors focus on the significant, applicable, and emerging trends for a specific trade. Course attendees will appreciate the specific approaches meant for their industries.

Long-Term Benefits: Better building construction and operations result in energy savings and improved building performance that translates into long-term benefits for owners and occupants.

Courses Offered

We offer local courses with a minimum class size of 25 students. If you have a group that may be interested in a course please contact Vernette Allen, Grant Operations Manager.

GPRO Testimonials