Easy LEED Credential Maintenance

Those individuals who earned the LEED Accredited Professional designation (prior to 2009) are not required to complete continuing education, while those who have earned the LEED Green Associate and/or LEED Accredited Professional with Specialty (since 2009) are required to meet continuing education requirements. 

LEED Green Associate must earn 15 continuing education hours within 2 years of earning their credential.  LEED Accredited Professional with Specialty must earn 30 continuing education hours within 2 years of earning their credential. 

There are four key areas where continuing education (CE) hours can be earned in order to maintain your credential:

1. Education

Education should be relevant to green building and in the form of preferred courses and presentations from registered providers, self-reported courses and presentations, college and University courses and Greenbuild International Conference and Expo.  Participants receive 1 CE hour per hour of education. Be sure to check out the Chapter's webinar offerings to help you with your continuing education.

2. LEED Project Participation

LEED project participation includes work on a project registered for LEED certification.  Participants receive 1 CE hour per project.

3. Authorship

Authorship is a credited contribution to a print or digital publication and is worth 3 CE hours for published article and 10 CE hours for published book.

4. Volunteering

Volunteering includes participation on the USGBC or GBCI Board of Directors, steering committees, USGBC Massachusetts Board of Directors, USGBC Massachusetts committees or other volunteer organizations that support the LEED system.  Acceptable activities include attending meetings, planning events, performing research, etc.  Volunteers can claim 1 CE hour per hour of participation.

More information on USGBC credential maintenance: http://www.usgbc.org/credentials

More information about LEED: https://usgbcma.org/aboutleed