By Alexander Landa

You know what's lame? Sitting at a computer watching a webinar that covers stuff you already know. You know what's fun? Hanging out at Google's Kendall Square HQ, learning about the increasingly important topic of healthy materials, and networking with other cool people. We can help! If you go to the Healthy Materials Summit morning session next Wednesday, October 26th in Cambridge, you can earn four hours towards maintaining your LEED and/or AIA credentials. That's right. If you're LEED certified you get four hours. If you're AIA certified you get four hours. If you're both, well, you guessed right – four towards each. That's all pretty awesome.

You can register here for the Healthy Materials Summit. By signing up for the morning session, you earn four credential hours. Sweet deal.

The Healthy Materials Summit will feature a half-day ‘un-conference’ event which invites leaders from the business, design, and institutional communities to get together to learn concepts, brainstorm strategies, and set a regional agenda for healthy materials. Our hope is this event will equip these diverse communities with the tools they need to move forward in a way which promotes healthy buildings and generates a demand for healthy materials regionally. Boston and New England are uniquely configured to lead the promotion of healthy buildings, as we are one of the largest cities in the US, we have the highest per capita percentage of designers in the US, our economy hinges on stakeholders who value and promote human health (hospitals, universities, corporations).We are one of the greenest cities in the world.

4 AIA Learning Objectives:

1) Understand the development within the industry towards healthy materials
2) Analyze the relationship between healthy materials and sustainability within high-performance design
3) Gain perspective on reporting mechanisms of HPDs and EPDs.
4) Be able to better understand the complexities of going redlist free.

Also for those who are LEED accredited, this is LEED/GBCI approved.

*You need to attend the entire four-hour morning session to get the full four hours towards maintaining certification.

Register here for the Healthy Materials Summit 2016

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