By Rachael Berry, Graphics Associate

Want to go to the Green Building Showcase, but haven't bought your ticket yet? Well get off that procrastinating bottom, ignite that mouse clicking right hand and start talking to your firm because EARLY BIRD DISCOUNTS END IN TWO DAYS!

If you haven't heard about the Green Building Showcase by now, then you have no idea what you've been missing out on. We provided you with a video testimonal from our Board to get you excited about the upcoming event- and don't worry if you're already up to date on all things Showcase then get inspired and go buy your ticket! Ticket discounts are ending this Friday!

Firstly, a little Showcase Recap (just in case you're one of those stealthy people who have immpresively been able to avoid it)

Why do you want to go?

  • Check out Boston Propertie's fancy new- and highly sustainable, LEED certified building at 888 Boylston St. 
  • To celebrate Green Buildings!

Why do you NEED to go? 

  • Open Bar. Do I need to say more?
  • Network- We assemble a large collection of green building professionals, so come and make some business connections! 
  • Your work has the potential to inspire others, and keep the conversation about green building happening.
  • Recognition- Your project could be good enough to earn an award, and as an attendee you can vote for other incredible and innovative projects.

When will it be?

5:30 – 8:00 PM

Where will it be?

Address: 888 Boylston Street, Back Bay, Boston, MA 02116

For more information and details check our Showcase page, and get moving! Early Bird Discounts will soon be over! 



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