By Allison Maynard, Communications Associate

Dennis K. Burke has a 15+ year history of working with Biodiesel. They were the first retail outlet to sell biodiesel at the pump within 100 miles of Boston. Additionally, they have held the Massachusetts Biodiesel contract for several years, and supply additional Biodiesel and Bioheat customers all over New England. Bioheat is traditional home heating oil blended with small amounts of Biodiesel, with a range usually between 2% and 5%.

Biodiesel Magazine points out that “biodiesel blended at 5 percent would require approximately 300 million gallons of biodiesel produced per year. So just because you may use a low level of biodiesel in your heating oil, don’t think that it’s not important—because it is.” A switch to Bioheat is certainly an investment in a more sustainable home.

The family owned business is located in Chelsea, Massachusetts and has been delivering premium gasoline, diesel fuel, and lubricants products for over 50 years. They are proud of their loyalty to customers, vendors, and employees. Beyond simple volume, they seek to provide the highest level of customer service possible with clean trucks, metered deliveries, competitive prices, streamlined billing, and contract management.



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