By Allison Maynard, Communications Associate

On Oct. 13, 2015, Andrew Breiter-Wu, Wentworth’s assistant sustainability coordinator hosted an “Energy Wheel of Fortune” event at the Flanagan Campus Center. Students were engaged by asking them one of five questions related to campus sustainability and energy conservation. Some of the questions included, “What is the most energy efficient building at Wentworth?” and “Energy vampires such as cell phone chargers or HDTVs in standby mode are responsible for what percentage of household electricity use?” Those who answered a question correctly were rewarded by spinning the Energy Wheel of Fortune. Prizes included a solar-powered lantern, smart power strip, solar-powered model car kits, and plenty of “power” bars to help students maintain their own personal focus and energy. Thanks to Eversource for their support with this project. 

The event drew a crowd through their curiosity over the trivia questions, the enthusiasm of those spinning the prize wheel, and the spread of fun energy-themed prizes. Overall, the event engaged the students, faculty, and staff while educating them about the various energy conservation efforts at Wentworth. Results were also recorded to inform future sustainability marketing campaigns on campus.

For additional photos of the Energy Wheel of Fortune and other Wentworth Environmental Collaborative Events, visit their Facebook page.







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