By Alexandra Klove, teacher & project organizer

Contributed by Alexandra Klove, teacher & project organizer


The Kelly School all received new recycle bins for plastic. Up until our project, the entire complex (four different elementary schools) only recycled paper. We are the first school to recycle plastic! All of the students participated in a poster contest to show what they learned about recycling. These posters are posted around the school near the recycle bins. In all, about 150 students participated in the poster contest! We see students recycling plastic bottles and encouraging their teachers to recycle their snack containers each day.

The students in my classroom are excited and motivated to recycle. Their favorite book we read was The Adventures of a Plastic Bottle. Their favorite song is The Three R’s by Jack Johnson. We are still recycling in our school today and hope to encourage others to do so!

Special thank you to Re-Stream who funded this project. It seems to be right in line with their mission and we can thank them enough!


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