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Committed to the health of one


Committed to the health of one” introduces a focus in our commitment to sustainability that centres around all aspects that concern your health, well-being and comfort in relation to our products and services, today as well as for future generations.


Health and safety

In safe indoor environments floors are non-toxic, low emitting and compliant to all international standards. On top of this, a safe floor is designed to prevent accidents,

guiding the visually impaired and comforting dementia patients, just as it creates a safe environment in cleanroom facilities and operating theatres.







Health & Hygiene

Hygienic flooring solutions are designed to be easy to clean, controlling fine dust in one environment and preventing allergies in another. Hygienic flooring solutions are specific to the application, whether it is a high tech clean room with sensitive equipment, a healthcare institution with a focus on infection control, or a day care centre where floors are a base for play and games. And do not forget perhaps the most important of all: quality entrance flooring systems that prevent dirt and dust from getting into the building in the first place.


Health & Well-Being

A state of well-being and comfort can be achieved by being in control of factors that stimulate the senses in the indoor environment. As such floors contribute to the acoustic quality, they play a part in the thermal comfort of the room as well as in enhancing the natural light sources available, or natural materials that contribute to the environment and reduce stress. Through their colour and design floors are capable of creating the atmosphere of an indoor space, making people feel relaxed and comfortable or vibrant and energetic. Above all we believe that natural and sustainable materials provide the best basis for long term health and well-being.


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