Every Friday, we like to give thanks to members of our Chapter who stand out for their valuable contributions to our community. Andrea Love, Director of Building Science at Payette, is a member of our Board of Directors and frequently goes out of her way to support our Chapter’s mission. Just last night Andrea made it so we could hold our Annual General Meeting at Payette, and that deserves an extra thanks.

Her role as building scientist has her pushing the performance and lowering the environmental impact of every project she’s involved in, with a strong focus of bringing in new sustainability knowledge through research and project exploration.

Additionally, she leads a number of internal research projects, and currently is the Principal Investigator on the 2012 AIA Upjohn Grant on “Thermal Performance of Facades” a research project focused on thermal bridging. She also leads the firm’s efforts on the AIA 2030 Commitment, tracking and benchmarking the performance of projects across the firm. On top of all of the above, she’s a Lecturer at MIT in the Department of Architecture’s Building Technology group where she teaches a class on building envelope performance.

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